Candela, Kolar, Meetin , Pinach et Co.

Chronological Family Timeline

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  (1868-04-23)  Jacob Kolar born in Ljubljana, Austria (nationality Rebensa)  
  (1876-12-24)  Rose Kolar born in Pergoritsa, Austria (nationality Gorance); spelled Rose Cesarek on Aunt Rose's birth certificate; Rose Chesarck according to Jennie Kolar  
   Agafia Calianova (Agafia Meetin) born in Kybasovl, Russia (from Dad's citizenship application); Mom's recount has it as Agafia Ivanovna born in Koobasovy, Russia  
(1900-06-06)  Rose Marie Pinach born in Cleveland, Ohio. Father was Frank Pinach,age 36, and Mother was Rose Cesarek, age 23.  
(1901-11-24)  Translation of Marriage license for Andrea and Maria Candela, November 24, 1901, Italy  
(1901-11-24)  Marriage license for Andrea and Maria Candela, November 24, 1901  
  (1911-11-06)  Michael A. Candela (Sr.) born in Ashtabula, Ohio  
  (1913-06-03)  Constantine Meetin, Constantine Konyahin born in Rogatkino, Ukraine, Russia  
  (1914-09-08)  Mary M. Kolar born in Ashtabula, Ohio  
(1916-01-01)  Jennie Kolar born in Ashtabula, Ohio  
(1918-12-19)  Aunt Rose's Pinach's scrapbook - Christmas letter from brother, Anthony Pinach  
 Jennie @ age 7  
 Ivan (Meetin) Konyahin  
 Eli Ivanovich Meetin's school picture age 16  
(1926-04-20)  Ivan Meetin receives US Citizenship  
(1926-10-11)  Ivan Meetin's Austinburg home mortgage deed  
  (1927-07-30)  Agafia Meetin (Konyahin) immigrates and arrives in United States, probably same date for Eli and Constantine (according to Ron's history document) - According to Jennie, Connie came to the U.S. in 1925  
  (1927-08-27)  Connie Meetin arrives in New York (from Dad's citizenship application)  
(1928-12-10)  Eli Meetin with greetings to sister from brother Eli  
 Eli Meetin (handsome dude, in daughter Nina's words)  
(1932-06-03)  Jennie Kolar (later Jennie Meetin) receives junior high school diploma  
 High school graduation  
 Eli Meetin and his car  
(1935-06-05)  Jennie Kolar receives senior high school diploma  
  (1936-11-04)  Janet Drouillard (future wife of John Candela) is born  
  (1937-06-18)  John Andrew Candela born to Mary and Michael in Wyandotte, Michigan  
  (1937-07-10)  Mary M. Kolar weds Michael A. Candela in Wyandotte, Michigan (children: John, Jim, Michael, Edward)  
 Connie Meetin and friend and motorcycle  
 Aunt Rose's Scrapbook - Dixieland (E. Weber found in Stockton)
See album at: Rose Marie Pinach  
(1938-02-19)  Auntie Mary and Uncle Fiore's wedding: Jennie Meetin, Mary Domizi, Fiore Domizi, Dave Tedesco  
(1939-02-19)  Jennie Meetin, Maid of Honor at Aunt Mary and Uncle Fiore's wedding  
(1939-08-03)  Jennie, Grandpa and Grandma Kolar, Jack (Uncle Coke): Jennie Kolar, Rose Kolar, Jacob Kolar, Jack Kolar  
(1941-04-23)  Jennie Kolar and Connie Meetin's marriage certificate  
 Grandma Rose Kolar, Grandpa Jacob Kolar, Jim Candela, Mary Candela, Mike Candela, Aunt Nettie Pinach (bottom right), John Candela, Aunt Rose (Pinach) Dallas (bottom left)  
  (1942-01-02)  Michael Stephen Candela born to Mary and Michael Candela in Wyandotte, Michigan  
  (1942-08-07)  Sylvia Starzec (future wife of James Candela) is born  
 Aunt Marge Kolar and Uncle Coke Kolar  
  (1943-03-27)  James Joseph Candela born in Wyandotte, Michigan  
  (1943-06-28)  Jennie Meetin's war ration book; Burlingame, California  
(1943-06-28)  Jennie Meetin war ration book  
 Jennie and Connie (in military uniform) Meetin  
(1944-10-15)  Ron Meetin baptism certificate  
(1944-12)  Jennie Metin and baby Ron about 3 months old  
  (1944-12-29)  Edward Gerald Candela born to Mary and Michael A. Candela in Wyandotte, Michigan  
 Rose Marie Lee (Rose Marie Pinach)  
 Jacob Kolar - 1940's, say 1945  
  (1945-03-02)  Sang Sun Yi (Sang Candela) born in Korea  
 Baby Ron Meetin - 1 1/2 years old  
 Bee Line Service (1945-1950), Connie Meetin's business  
  (1947-06-14)  Sandy Meetin born to Jennie and Connie Meetin  
 Rose Marie Dallas and Birtram T. Reed's marriage certificate  
 Ron Meetin, Michael Candela, Marianne Kolar, Marge Kolar, John Candela, Jim Candela, Ginna Kolar, Ed Candela  
 Rose (Marie Pinach) worked at Bruno and Lena's Italian Restaurant  
(1950-01-10)  Connie Meetin Spencer Drive home mortgage  
(1950-02-05)  Rose M. Reed (Rose Marie Pinach) marries George M. Dallas  
(1950-02-08)  Jacob Kolar dies in Ashtabula, Ohio  
(1950-07)  Kolars and Candelas in 1950 Sandy Meetin, Rose Kolar, Rose Dallas, Ron Meetin, Mary Candela, Marianne Kolar, Jack Kolar, Ginna Kolar, Ed Candela, Carol Meetin  
(1950-12)  The Kolar Family: Marianne Kolar, Marge Kolar, Jack Kolar, Ginna Kolar  
(1951-04-19)  Rose Kolar dies in Wyandotte, Michigan (1951-01-04 according to Mom)  
(1951-07-25)  Sandy Meetin, Ron Meetin, Carol Meetin at Uncle Eli's place  
  (1951-09-30)  Constantine Meetin is shot in a tavern on the west side of Geneva, Ohio (has to be 1951)  
 Points to Carol Meetin; not really sure who is pictured  
 The beginning of Jennie and Connie Meetin's home  
(1952-09-27)  Two Sentenced in Tavern Shooting -Connie Meetin's shooters are sentenced  
(1952-10)  Pair in Geneva Tavern Shooting is Sentenced - Connie Meetin's shooters  
 Connie Meetin in front of the garage - early 1950's  
 Meetin Automotive - Dad (Connie Meetin) with a friend - 1950's ???  
(1953-12-10)  Bob Meetin born in Geneva, Ohio  
 Bob Meetin the Tot  
 Kolar family - mid 50's, maybe 1954: Sandy Meetin, Rose Kolar, Ron Meetin, Mary Candela, Marianne Kolar, Marge Kolar, Jack Kolar, Ginna Kolar  
(1954-01-06)  Bob Meetin's baby book  
(1954-08-22)  Bob Meetin, the baby  
(1954-08-22)  A bunch of rebellious kids: Sandy Meetin, Ron Meetin, Marianne Kolar, Ginna Kolar, Ed Candela, Carol Meetin, Bob Meetin  
  (1954-12-11)  Michael A. Candela (Michael Candela, Sr.) dies in Wyandotte, Michigan  
 At the beach; what happened to the bathing suits? Sandy Meetin, Ron Meetin, Marianne Kolar, Jennie Meetin, Jack Kolar, Ginna Kolar, Carol Meetin  
 Sandy Meetin- 1956-1957 - 7ish  
  (1956-07-24)  Connie Meetin's gunsight application  
(1956-07-24)  Connie Meetin's gunsight patent application  
 Sandy Meetin, age 7 (?) and Carol Meetin (4?  
 Sandy Meetin 1957-1958  
 Mom (Jennie Meetin) and Bob Meetin  
 Ron Meetin - Soap Box Derby national competition picture - Fall, 1957  
 Nina Meetin 1958-1959  
 Sandy Meetin - Spencer School pic 1958-1959  
(1958-03-04)  Connie Meetin's gunsight patent #US2825137  
(1958-05)  Sandy Meetin and Baba (Grandma, Agafia Meetin)  
 Uncle Coke and the little ones: Jackie Kolar, Jack Kolar, Diana Kolar  
 Ginna Kolar  
(1959-12)  Marianne Kolar, Ginna Kolar and Diana Kolar (maybe)  
 Mary Cajhen and Bobby Meetin  
 Bobby Meetin and the Cajhen's dog  
 Bob Meetin in grade school; looks like first grade  
 Connie Meetin's class reunion - 1960's: Mary Meetin, Jennie Meetin, Eli Meetin, Connie Meetin  
 Sandy Meetin picking some unknown fruit  
 Bob Meetin Spencer school class picture  
 Uncle Coke Kolar, Eddie Candela, Aunt Mary Candela, Sandy Meetin, Jennie Meetin, Ron Meetin, Carol Meetin, Bobby Meetin, Ginna Kolar  
(1960-03-31)  Oon Phakdeerut (future wife of Bob Meetin) born to Lum Sinchai and Sanoon Phakdeerut in Wangtachang, Thailand  
(1960-07)  Carol Meetin and the kitties  
(1960-07)  Bob Meetin and Carol Meetin - remember the tractor and the bricks? Those bricks were home to some awesome spiders.  
(1960-07)  Never too early to start family planning: Carol Meetin  

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