Candela, Kolar, Meetin , Pinach et Co.

During our trip to Krabi Wan and I took an island hopping trip to some scintillatingly beautiful small islands. "Here we are, let's eat now!" Food is always there. 
Krabi Thailand 


Family Image Wall

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Sandy Runyon - somewhere in Colorado, Rocky Mountain National Park?Ron Meetin: Fall, 1961 senior high school yearbook pictureEddieSandy Meetin, age 7 (?) and Carol Meetin (4?Aunt Rose Dallas (Rose Marie Pinach), Bob and Kitty!Bob Meetin gets interviewed by some students at the Floating MarketBud RunyonEli Ivanovich Meetin's school picture age 16Bob Meetin Spencer School 2nd grade class picturePaitoon Meetin and Michael ReffitBob Meetin was no Picasso, but he did like drawing Ford Thunderbirds.Bobby Meetin the Cool 8 year oldMeetin Automotive - Dad (Connie Meetin) with a friend - 1950's ???The Kolar Family: Marianne Kolar, Marge Kolar, Jack Kolar, Ginna KolarBaba (Grandma) Meetin (Agafia Meetin)Rose (Marie Pinach) worked at Bruno and Lena's Italian RestaurantMary Candela (Mary Kolar), Lynn CandelaThe Meetin home, 3228 Spencer Drive, Geneva, OhioBob Meetin and Connie Booth in Mr. Maietti's 4th grade classroom Sandy Meetin, Ron Meetin, Jennie Kolar, Bob MeetinBob Meetin, fishing againSteven Reffit, Paitoon Meetin, Michael Reffit, Carol Meetin, Bud and SandyWan with Bob Meetin took a day trip to Koh Larn (Pattaya Island); about 3 weeks after the trip a tourist boat just like ours capsized and half a dozen tourists lost their lives.An immediate family portrait of the "Meetin" family: Sandy (Meetin) Runyon, Ron Meetin, Jennie Meetin, Carol (Meetin) Reffit, Bob MeetinVillage at the base of a small, active volcanoBob Meetin's car. This is no fun Sweetie; Jensen Healeys get no respect!Rose Marie Dallas and Birtram T. Reed's marriage certificateMarianne, Aunt Marge and Uncle CokeThe Meetin Family Rafting Trip; Chaiyos was there but in another raft - Paitoon Meetin, Oon Meetin, Bob Meetin Sandy Meetin, Ron Meetin, Paitoon Meetin, Oon Phakdeerut, Michael Reffit, Jennie Kolar, Carol Meetin, Carol home from collegeLynn CandelaMom Meetin and BobNina Meetin's college graduation articleGinna KolarRon Meetin - Soap Box Derby national competition picture - Fall, 1957Paitoon Meetin school pictureCarol Meetin - prom night? High school?Sandy Meetin and Hank Eilts- somewhere??? Bob Meetin in grade school; looks like first gradeCarolTrip to Yogoslavia (now Slovenia): Sebastian Cajhen, Sandy Meetin, Ron Meetin and Dunja Cajhen's husband A bunch of rebellious kids: Sandy Meetin, Ron Meetin, Marianne Kolar, Ginna Kolar, Ed Candela, Carol Meetin, Bob MeetinGary's ChristmasFamily and friends attending Grandma's (Jennie Meetin's) funeral dinner: Sandy Runyon, Ron Meetin, Paitoon Meetin, Michael Reffit, Michael Candela, Marianne Feige, Laurel Adams, John Candela, Jim Candela, Jackie Adams, Carol Reffit, Bob MeetinUncle Coke and the little ones: Jackie Kolar, Jack Kolar, Diana KolarSandy (Meetin) Eilts, Jennie Kolar, Hank Eilts and Ellen ManacSandy - Graduation?Ron's trip to Thailand, also Paitoon Meetin, Oon Phakdeerut, Bob Meetin (Ron thinks May or June) The Meetin family of Colorado took a day trip to Grand Lake up in the mountains. Paitoon Meetin and Chaiyos Srinualyai were up to the challenge and dove into the bitter cold water.Paitoon Meetin, he doesn't know it but this was the boy's first trip to OhioSandy Meetin picking some unknown fruitPaitoon Meetin's 4th birthday, there with LilyThe beginning of Jennie and Connie Meetin's homeKarl Kolar and wife, Felix Kolar (son), Mabel Pucci and Jennie MeetinJune 1966 at Ron Meetin's commissioning in the Air ForceSalzburg CastleCarol Meetin, cheerleader!We, Bob Meetin and Wan, took a short day trip south to Sa-Re Beach where we snacked on som-tum (papya salad)Bee Line Service (1945-1950), Connie Meetin's businessPoints to Carol Meetin; not really sure who is picturedAgafia and IvanAunt Rose's Scrapbook - Dixieland (E. Weber found in Stockton)Depala Vas is the home of our forefathers in Slovenia, formerly YugoslaviaParadiseRose Marie Lee (Rose Marie Pinach)Paitoon MeetinConnie Meetin's class reunion - 1960's: Mary Meetin, Jennie Meetin, Eli Meetin, Connie MeetinMary Cajhen and Bobby MeetinBob Meetin and a KittyMom (Jennie Meetin) and Bob MeetinSandy Runyon and Carol Reffit ensure that their Mother, Jennie Meetin, has a wonderful birthday.Uncle Coke, Aunt Marge and MarianneSteven Reffit, Ron Meetin, Paitoon Meetin, Michael Reffit, Carol Meetin, Kolar family - mid 50's, maybe 1954: Sandy Meetin, Rose Kolar, Ron Meetin, Mary Candela, Marianne Kolar, Marge Kolar, Jack Kolar, Ginna KolarSandy Meetin, graduationPicking up Carol at OSU with the new Pontiac Tempest - Jennie Meetin, Carol Meetin, Bob Meetin Marianne Kolar, Ginna Kolar and Diana Kolar (maybe)Jennie Meetin and Ellen ManacBirthday Boy, Paitoon MeetinMichael Candela and Sang Sun Yi marriage invitationTranslation of Marriage license for Andrea and Maria Candela, November 24, 1901, ItalyMom looking like a movie star!Jennie @ age 7Connie Meetin and friend and motorcycleJennie (Kolar) Meetin wondering why it's taking so long???Sandy Meetin - maybe late 70'sSandy Meetin- 1956-1957 - 7ishGrandma Rose Kolar, Grandpa Jacob Kolar, Jim Candela, Mary Candela, Mike Candela, Aunt Nettie Pinach (bottom right), John Candela, Aunt Rose (Pinach) Dallas (bottom left)Connie Meetin in front of the garage - early 1950'sNina Meetin 1958-1959Paitoon Meetin - maybe 1999 first winter in Colorado, can't figure his age.Uncle Eli Meetin, Jennie Meetin, Mary. Cajhen, Andy Cajhen, Mary MeetinRon Meetin named to Dean's List at CaseSandy - extreme consternationLetter from Lula Kirchum to Bob MeetinBobby Meetin the FishermanDunja Cajhen and husband vacation in Tunisia