Candela, Kolar, Meetin , Pinach et Co.

Sandy (Meetin) Eilts, Jennie Kolar, Hank Eilts and Ellen Manac 
Bob Meetin, the baby 

Family Image Wall

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Connie Meetin and maybe his cousin who was killed in an auto accidentTranslation of Marriage license for Andrea and Maria Candela, November 24, 1901, ItalyAunt Marge, Diana and JackieBaba (Grandma) Meetin (Agafia Meetin)Jennie Meetin sunnin'; not sure whereKolars and Candelas in 1950 Sandy Meetin, Rose Kolar, Rose Dallas, Ron Meetin, Mary Candela, Marianne Kolar, Jack Kolar, Ginna Kolar, Ed Candela, Carol MeetinMabel Pucci and Jennie MeetinAunt Rose's Pinach's scrapbook - Christmas letter from brother, Anthony PinachThe Kolar Family: Marianne Kolar, Marge Kolar, Jack Kolar, Ginna KolarPaitoon MeetinAunt Rose's Scrapbook - Dixieland (E. Weber found in Stockton)Karl Kolar and wife, Felix Kolar (son), Lum Sinchai, Oon's MotherRose Marie Lee (Rose Marie Pinach)Looks like an Air Force ceremonyRon Meetin: Fall, 1961 senior high school yearbook pictureRose Marie Reed (Rose Marie Pinach) purchases stockSandy - perhaps middle school?Lynn CandelaSandy Meetin 1957-1958Jennie and Connie (in military uniform) MeetinSandy Runyon - somewhere in Colorado, Rocky Mountain National Park?Paitoon Meeitn's school pictureJennie Metin and baby Ron about 3 months oldPaitoon Meetin's first scuba experienceBob Meetin and Carol Meetin - remember the tractor and the bricks? Those bricks were home to some awesome spiders.Bob Meetin's 1961-1962 school pictureNikolai sent this picture to Bob long ago; we are not sure who is pictured, but it is truly a classic image.Bobby Meetin and the Indians baseball teamLetter from Lula Kirchum to Bob MeetinKolar family - mid 50's, maybe 1954: Sandy Meetin, Rose Kolar, Ron Meetin, Mary Candela, Marianne Kolar, Marge Kolar, Jack Kolar, Ginna KolarDay trip to Bang Sa-Re (Bang Saray), just south of Jomtien - the face of Bob Meetin!Salzburg CastleSteven Reffit, Paitoon Meetin, Michael Reffit, Jennie Meetin and someone?Connie, picture sent to Russia then from Nikolai to BobSandy Meetin, Ron Meetin, Paitoon Meetin, Michael Reffit, Gary Reffit, Carol Meetin, Bob Meetin, Bob Meetin and Connie Booth in Mr. Maietti's 4th grade classroom Bob Meetin, high school gradutionIt's a family affair: Sandy Runyon (Sandy Meetin) , Jennie Meetin, Rick Pucci, Jim Pucci, Mabel Pucci Oon Meetin and Bob Meetin - wedding in AmericaUncle CokeBob Meetin and a KittyDuring our trip to Krabi Wan and I took an island hopping trip to some scintillatingly beautiful small islands. "Here we are, let's eat now!" Food is always there.Marianne Kolar, Ginna Kolar and Diana Kolar (maybe)Gary's ChristmasSandra honor roll at OSUJeff and Denise Wilson, Denny and Becky Crawford, Steve Vincent, Randy Fobell, Carol and BobSandy Meetin, Ron Meetin, Carol Meetin at Uncle Eli's placeBud RunyonPaitoon Meetin, Oon Phakdeerut, Jennie Kolar, Bob Meetin was no Picasso, but he did like drawing Ford Thunderbirds.Bee Line Service (1945-1950), Connie Meetin's businessRose Marie Dallas and Birtram T. Reed's marriage certificateThe Pinata - Meetin Christmas tradition: Sandy Meetin, Ron Meetin, Jennie Meetin, Carol Meetin, Bob Meetin Bob Meetin walks Jomtien Beach Night Market; this is the same market that made news in January, 2014 when an electrical fire destroyed about 22 booths. It is about a 1/2 hour walk from the condominium we rented.Carol Meetin, Homecoming ThemeMabel and JennieSandy, maybe California?Sandy Meetin- 1956-1957 - 7ishJacob Kolar - 1940's, say 1945Steven Reffit, Sandy Meetin, Paitoon Meetin, Oon Phakdeerut, Michael Reffit, Jennie Kolar, Carol Meetin, This is one of the last pictures of the Jennie and Connie Meetin house before it was sold and Jennie moved to Columbus, Ohio.Paitoon Meetin and Mary Candela (Mary Kolar)Connie Meetin and friend and motorcyclePicking up Carol at OSU with the new Pontiac Tempest - Jennie Meetin, Carol Meetin, Bob Meetin Paitoon Meetin having a spash in Grandma's sinkSandy (Meetin) Eilts, Jennie Kolar, Hank Eilts and Ellen ManacJoyBaby Ron Meetin - 1 1/2 years oldSandy Meetin, Gila and Jennie MeetinMarianne, Aunt Marge and Uncle CokeRivne in the UkraineJennie, imagine those words, "Don't you dare!"Sandy Meetin, Ron Meetin, Jennie Kolar, Hank Eilts, Gary Reffit, Eli Meetin, Carol MeetinNina, Dasha, Agafia, Connie and Eli (circular from left)Sandy (Meetin) Eilts at PortoroseAn immediate family portrait of the "Meetin" family: Sandy (Meetin) Runyon, Ron Meetin, Jennie Meetin, Carol (Meetin) Reffit, Bob MeetinBobby Meetin the Cool 8 year oldPaitoon Meetin, Jennie Kolar, Bob Meetin, Eli Ivanovich Meetin's school picture age 16Sandy Meetin, age 7 (?) and Carol Meetin (4?Oh how we love our kitty cats - Jennie Meetin, Carol Meetin, Bob MeetinRose Dallas (Rose Marie Pinach) and her Chevy Bob Meetin, fishing againUncle Coke and Aunt MargeCarol home from collegeBobby Meetin and the Cajhen's dogSomeone's weddingMary Cajhen, Marge Kolar, Jennie Meetin, Jack Kolar at the Cajhen's placeRon Meetin, Paitoon Meetin, Bob Meetin - the early years.Bob Meetin does a visa run - Patong to Ranong, Thailand to Kawthoung,Myanmar (Burma)Paitoon Meetin, so this was the original 9-11?Aunt Marge, Uncle Coke, Ginna, MarianneEli Meetin with greetings to sister from brother EliWe, Bob Meetin and Wan, took a short day trip south to Sa-Re Beach where we snacked on som-tum (papya salad)Michael Candela and Sang Sun Yi marriage invitationBud and SandyMary Cajhen and Bobby MeetinPuccis and Meetins at the rental house: Sandy Runyon, Ron Meetin, Carol Reffit, Bob Meetin, Gayle Lewis, John Pucci, Rick Pucci