Candela, Kolar, Meetin , Pinach et Co.

Bud Runyon 
Oon Phakdeerut,  

Family Image Wall

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Bobby Meetin the Cool 8 year oldSandy Meetin, Paitoon Meetin, Oon Phakdeerut, Jennie Kolar, Carol Meetin, Bob Meetin, Mabel Pucci and Jennie MeetinRose Marie Dallas and Birtram T. Reed's marriage certificateMarriage license for Andrea and Maria Candela, November 24, 1901Someone's weddingAunt Rose's Scrapbook - Dixieland (E. Weber found in Stockton)Village at the base of a small, active volcanoSandy Meetin, Paitoon Meetin, Oon Phakdeerut, Jennie Kolar, Carol Meetin, Bob Meetin, We call this a Thai taxi - with Sudaporn Phakdeerut, Paitoon Meetin, Oon Phakdeerut and Go PhakdeerutPaitoon Meetin school picturePoints to Carol Meetin; not really sure who is picturedBobby Meetin and the Cajhen's dogJennie Meetin, Bobby Meetin and the boatLetter from Lula Kirchum to Bob MeetinAunt Rose Dallas's 75th birthday (Rose Marie Pinach)Uncle Coke and the little ones: Jackie Kolar, Jack Kolar, Diana KolarUncle CokeUncle Coke, Aunt Marge and MarianneDepala Vas is the home of our forefathers in Slovenia, formerly YugoslaviaThe Sea - This was the hottest selling single picture I sold when I was selling photographs at Arts and Crafts shows in California and nearby states - Bob Meetin.Paitoon Meeitn's school pictureBob Meetin and Carol Meetin - remember the tractor and the bricks? Those bricks were home to some awesome spiders.Connie Meetin's class reunion - 1960's: Mary Meetin, Jennie Meetin, Eli Meetin, Connie MeetinEli, Mary, Nina and MarkBob Meetin, the babySteven Reffit, Paitoon Meetin, Michael Reffit, Carol Meetin, Uncle Coke and Aunt MargeThe kids: Sandy Meetin, Ron Meetin, Carol Meetin, Bob Meetin Paitoon MeetinParadiseConnie Meetin and friend and motorcycleSandy Meetin - Spencer School pic 1958-1959Carol home from collegeMichael Candela and Sang Sun Yi marriage invitationSandy Meetin, Ron Meetin, Paitoon Meetin, Michael Reffit, Gary Reffit, Carol Meetin, Bob Meetin, Tomiko Morimoto and Bob MeetinAunt Marge Kolar and Uncle Coke KolarFirst time to Niagara Falls for Bobby MeetinMarianne, Aunt Marge and Uncle CokeCarol Meetin and the kittiesBobby Meetin the FishermanBob Meetin does a visa run - Patong to Ranong, Thailand to Kawthoung,Myanmar (Burma)Grandma Rose Kolar, Grandpa Jacob Kolar, Jim Candela, Mary Candela, Mike Candela, Aunt Nettie Pinach (bottom right), John Candela, Aunt Rose (Pinach) Dallas (bottom left)Birthday Karaoke - 5 years old, Paitoon MeetinNikolai sent this picture to Bob long ago; we are not sure who is pictured, but it is truly a classic image.Sandy Meetin 1957-1958Bob Meetin's car. This is no fun Sweetie; Jensen Healeys get no respect!Ginna, Dianna, Marianne and JackieSteven Reffit, Paitoon Meetin, Michael Reffit, Wan with Bob Meetin took a day trip to Koh Larn (Pattaya Island); about 3 weeks after the trip a tourist boat just like ours capsized and half a dozen tourists lost their lives.Jennie (Kolar) Meetin wondering why it's taking so long???Looks like a Christmas picture: Sandy Meetin, Ron Meetin, Jennie Meetin, Hank Eilts, Gary Reffit, Bob MeetinSandy Meetin, Ron Meetin, Paitoon Meetin, Oon Phakdeerut, Michael Reffit, Jennie Kolar, Carol Meetin, Marianne Kolar, Ginna Kolar and Diana Kolar (maybe)Rose Dallas (Rose Marie Pinach) and her Chevy Bob Meetin in grade school; looks like first gradeGinna KolarNina and husband AlexanderAt the beach; what happened to the bathing suits? Sandy Meetin, Ron Meetin, Marianne Kolar, Jennie Meetin, Jack Kolar, Ginna Kolar, Carol Meetin Carol and someone - looks prommishTranslation of Marriage license for Andrea and Maria Candela, November 24, 1901, ItalyTaking on the flooded river The Meetin home, 3228 Spencer Drive, Geneva, OhioCarolA bunch of rebellious kids: Sandy Meetin, Ron Meetin, Marianne Kolar, Ginna Kolar, Ed Candela, Carol Meetin, Bob MeetinCarol - late 70's when Bob was studying photographyPaitoon Meetin - Happy Birthday - seven years oldBob Meetin, fishing againPhoto in Depala Vas - Valentin (Andy Senior family), Cilka and family (Valentin Cajhen, Cilka Cajhen)Jennie, Grandpa and Grandma Kolar, Jack (Uncle Coke): Jennie Kolar, Rose Kolar, Jacob Kolar, Jack KolarEli Meetin (handsome dude, in daughter Nina's words)Jeff and Denise Wilson, Denny and Becky Crawford, Steve Vincent, Randy Fobell, Carol and BobPaitoon Meetin, so this was the original 9-11?Sang Candela, Michael Candela, Mary Candela, Jennie Meetin and Michael and Sang's childrenJoyPaitoon Meetin, Jennie Kolar, Bob Meetin, Jennie @ age 7An immediate family portrait of the "Meetin" family: Sandy (Meetin) Runyon, Ron Meetin, Jennie Meetin, Carol (Meetin) Reffit, Bob MeetinAunt Marge, Diana and JackiePaitoon Meetin made it across the flooded river.Bob Meetin, high school gradutionMeetin Automotive - Dad (Connie Meetin) with a friend - 1950's ???Oon Phakdeerut, Bob Meetin in the TreeSandy - picture was sent to Russian relatives then Nikolai sent this back to BobHigh school graduationMom Meetin and BobJennie Meetin sunnin'; not sure whereCarol Meetin - prom night? High school?Uncle Coke Kolar, Eddie Candela, Aunt Mary Candela, Sandy Meetin, Jennie Meetin, Ron Meetin, Carol Meetin, Bobby Meetin, Ginna KolarSandy Meetin, Ron Meetin, Paitoon Meetin, Oon Phakdeerut, Michael Reffit, Jennie Kolar, Carol Meetin, Bob Meetin, Sandy - perhaps middle school?Lynn CandelaKolars and Candelas in 1950 Sandy Meetin, Rose Kolar, Rose Dallas, Ron Meetin, Mary Candela, Marianne Kolar, Jack Kolar, Ginna Kolar, Ed Candela, Carol MeetinLum Sinchai, Oon's MotherPaitoon Meetin, Oon Phakdeerut, Jennie Kolar, Sandy Meetin, age 7 (?) and Carol Meetin (4?Connie Meetin and maybe his cousin who was killed in an auto accidentCarol Meetin, Homecoming Theme